maandag 27 februari 2012

Special thanks Phantasium 2012

Our special thanks for last weekends Phantasium in Eindhoven goes out to: (this will be mentioned on the site coming week also)
-Linda Fairyina : Distinguished Creature Seeker / Entertainer
-Peter Kanters : Distinguished SteamPunk Jewelrist
-Steamer Gearhead : SteamPunk Inventor
-Christian van Laarhoven : Distinguished SteamPunk Scientist
... -Anne Verbakel : Esteamed Clothing Studio
-Lizzy Thornbrook...e : Esteamed Clothing Studio
-Maaike : Esteamed Freak Nursery
-Tessa Waalderbos : Nursery / Entertainer / Navigator
-Fulco van der Donk : Navigator / Security
-Martijn Hofkamp : Distinguished Manufacturer / Repairist
-Esther Groen : Distinguished Entertainer / Carnies
-Davy Uittenbogerd : Distinguished Entertainer / Carnies
-Dave van der Veer : Distinguished Weaponrist
-Adam Boutiche : Navigator / Security

After that, we wish to express our special thanks to the organisation crew of Phantasium for making this first event of the year a marvelous weekend for all!
-Ruud, for your efford in keeping the entire event running without any abstractions for the visitors, we say thank you sir.
-Barbara, for your commitment to the organisation regardless of the absent of some crewmembers, we say thank you madam.
-Carlo, for your effors in keeping the cafeine running and your contant smile during the weekend, we say thank you sir.
-Bert, for your neverending efford regardless the pain you endured in keeping us all safe, we say thank you sir.
-And Moniek, what can we say that will do you good after all you did, u deserve a special place in our hearts. Therefore we bow and say thank you madam.

The weekend was awesome, we had a blast and so did the visitors. Again to those who read this: THANK YOU ALL!!

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